Sacred Sol Healing Institute, Renee Frye

You Are Free, You Are Whole
You Always Have Been
You Always Will Be
Here We Peel Back The Layers
To Access That Space
Everything You Need Is Contained Within

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what we offer

Sacred Sol Healing Institute
Trauma-Informed Services and Resources


Sacred Sol Healing Institute offers mindful behavior modification and restorative justice resources that create resilience by providing Trauma-Informed tools that reduce ACEs and lower the rate of toxic stress.


We specialize in the restoration and balance of body, mind, and spirit through Trauma-Informed, Peer Support Services, Mindful Resilience Resources, Conflict Resolution, Somatic Trauma Therapy, and Holistic Healing. Specializing in Adult Addictions.

We offer physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing solutions and lasting change. Our life experiences leave trauma, negative imprints, triggers, and blockages that affect us in our daily lives. If you are experiencing negative behavior patterns, stress, depression, low energy, anxiety, anger, trauma, pain, or suffering, our resources can assist you. You can resolve trauma and pain held in the body, mind, and spirit.


Our mindful behavior modification approach shifts negative thought processes and behaviors.
Reclaim your life, find freedom and joy daily. Learn how to identify triggers and negative learned behavior. Discover how to reprogram to positive, healthy thoughts and behavior patterns. Build resilience, reduce trauma, and lower toxic stress through our Trauma-Informed services and resources. 

Reprogram to a positive self-belief system. Step into a happier, healthier life. 

You are not alone.

Sacred Sol Healing Institute, Renee Frye
Sacred Sol Healing Institute, Renee Frye
Sacred Sol Healing Institute, Renee Frye
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Heal & Restore Sessions

Build resilience and hope, balance the central nervous system and restore peace. Through our somatic therapy support sessions and mindful behavior modification approach, recognize challenges, options, and tools for desired shifts in your life.

Our experiences leave imprints and blockages that affect our daily lives. Reduce Trauma, Toxic Stress, ACEs, Depression, Low Energy, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Substance Addiction Challenges, and more.

Step into a new way of life, balance and healing support provides hope and restoration. You are not alone.

Cryotherapy Facial Firming

Cryotherapy facial firming treatments result in instantly tighter, firmer, and glowing skin. Drastically increased blood and lymph circulation, instant reduction of puffiness and visible skin lifting, decreasing of pigmentation, and effectively boosts collagen and elastin production.

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, decreased skin elasticity, post-acne, and aging pigmentation, dark circles and puffiness around eyes, hooded brows, and loose jaw line area. Recommended: 5 treatments in 5 weeks. This allows the collagen and elastin to rebuild.

Mindful Resilience 

Our mindful behavior modification approach shifts negative thought processes and behaviors. Reclaim your life and find freedom and joy. Learn to identify triggers and negative learned behavior. Our sessions teach Trauma-Informed mindful behavior modification tools, conflict resolution, and somatic breath-body awareness. 

Our practices are based on mindfulness. Reshape behavior in your lives to reflect positive interactions with yourselves and the world around you. We all need healthy life support skills. Step into a healthier, happier life. You are not alone. 

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Sacred Sol Healing Institute, Renee Frye

Renee really does some incredible things! She helped to heal from emotional trauma that has been keeping me sick for years. Absolutely Amazing!!!

- Rachel B

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