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Holistic Healing Treatments

Energy Health Therapy. Combat Compassion Fatigue, Stress and Burnout. Physical, mental and emotional relief. A Holistic Healing Treatment provides optimal health, restoration and lasting results. Healings remove blockages, balance mind, body and spirit. 


Check out Renewal Package 3-6 Treatments! Additional 15 mins per appointment no additional cost! Treatments start at $75

MHIR Safety Behavior Trainings

MHIR™ Mindful Behavior Safety Trainings teach breath-body awareness and recognition of heart-rate variance. Utilizing MHIR™ Action Tools, will provide the ability to make cognitive decisions in stressful situations. Reducing stress, pain, anxiety and depression generates happier and healthier lives.

We offer One on One, Public, Employee, and Advisor Training.

Private Training's start at $85. Public $40 Each!


I specialize in the Restoration of mind, body and spirit.

A wellness resource that produce lasting results, restoring and balancing, mind, body and spirit. Check out the lastest events below!

Check Out Gathering the Tribe


"Free. Weight Lifted"~Russ 

"So much weight lifted" ~Kim

"Able to Love Myself"~Judy

"Lighter Physically and Mentally" ~ Jackie

"Transformation. Reborn"~ Ashley

"Hundreds of pounds off shoulders"~Dustin

"Absolutly Life Changing" ~Bob C

"Stress Relief Tools"~Asylin 

"Nothing Short of Incredible"~Aaron

"Reduced Medication"~Bob K

"Happy, No More Anger, Postive" ~Gina

"The Real Deal"~Buddy

"Stress relief. A reset, Like a vacation" ~Jace

"No more pain"~Michelle

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