About Us

Sacred Sol Healing Institute - Klamath Falls, Oregon

Sacred Sol Healing Institute provides compassion fatigue and stress relief options. Our Health Therapy Services restore and balance, mind, body and spirit providing physical, mental and emotional relief.

A wellness resource that produces lasting results through MHIR™ Mindful Behavior Safety Training’s, Holistic Healing Treatments, Traditional Health Work, Addiction Recovery and Life Coaching.

Sacred Sol Healing has created the MHIR™ Mindful Behavior System that is producing groundbreaking results in bringing Mindfulness and ease to daily lives!

Additional Sacred Sol Healing programs are evolving through private programs that are aiding in prevention and changing the judicial system, as well as Native American Tribal programs that restore and heal.

These programs offer relief and reprogramming for recovery, depression, despair, stress, chronic pain, health issues and more

Mission: Sacred Sol Healing Institute provides MHIR™ Mindful Behavior Safety Training's, Holistic Healing Treatments and Traditional Health Work worldwide.

Vision: Heal ourselves Heal the World™

Values:  HEALS: Health Empower Awaken Love Support

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