BeaR™ Trauma Informed

Wellness Program

BeaR™ Trauma Informed Wellness Program

Balance energy, activate Recovery. Wellness Membership

Build resilience, reduce ACE's and lower toxic stress. This Trauma Informed online wellness membership program is designed for all levels and needs. 

Combat stress, depression, compassion fatigue, recovery challenges, chronic pain, burnout and more.

The  BeaR™ Trauma Informed Wellness Program creates a safe space of support to heal and balance our past experiences and to build resilience and hope in our daily lives. These guided sessions invite us to resolve trauma and pain held in our body, mind and spirit Enjoy this collection of trauma informed wellness videos and holistic health information, designed for all levels and needs. Vision: HEALS: Hope, Empower, Achieve, Love, Support
The BeaR™ Trauma Informed Wellness Program provides many healing benefits, all guided sessions cultivate Mindfulness. Categories include Recovery Support, Healing Meditation, Mindful Stretching, Mindful Movement, and BeaR™ Kids Strong classes.


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All material is kid friendly! Check out the and BeaR™ Kids Strong category!

This is great for kids to release energy and frustrations; it will help focus and reset your kids at any time!

BeaR™ Trauma Informed Wellness Program Trailer

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