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Hello, my name is Renee Frye. I provide Trauma-Informed Care. I am Traditional Healer, Somatic Master Reiki Therapist, Certified Peer Support Recovery Specialist, and Mindfulness Expert.

Each of us has our own unique gifts. I am a healer, my gift is healing. My healing practice has been created  through many years of self study, healing, sacred teachings, research and instruction; and is backed by science.

I offer wellness modalities that address the restoration and balance of body, mind, and spirit through Trauma-Informed, peer support services, mindful resilience resources, conflict resolution, somatic trauma therapy, and holistic healing. Specializing in adult addictions. 

I am addressing barriers of access by bringing trauma healing to the public. This type of healing work is not usually accessible to the public. I am addressing barriers of participation by working in recovery programs for clients on probation and parole in Klamath County and am working with Tribal programs as well. I am addressing barriers to education by supporting and teaching others how to live a life clean of addictive substances and harmful behavior. 

I  am avid in healing, mindfulness, reiki, yoga, running, cross-training, qigong, hiking, biking, educating, research, furthering education, sweat lodge ceremonies, pow wows, beading, exploring nature, retreats and, protecting Mother Earth.

I am in a unique place to accommodate and relate to most anyone. I have been addicted to alcohol, hard drugs, nicotine, caffeine, binging food, bulimia, battered woman syndrome, homeless, suicidal, self-loathing, depression, anxiety, and more.

 I became an abuser, an obsessive-compulsive controller, a martyr, and a victim. I struggled through all of those lifestyles, never finding true relief or joy. 

My life was too much I couldn't go on, so I stopped drinking and doing drugs. I was clean and sober for over a decade but still was not comfortable in my own skin. I  knew I was searching for something; I just wasn't sure what that was.


A defining moment in my life occurred when I realized that I could be whole by truly loving and accepting myself and all my flaws. Pure love and complete acceptance without identifying in the damage that had occurred.


I just didn't know how to get to that place. I now know that everything I needed was inside of me all along. It was a matter of peeling back the layers of dysfunction that I had built over the years, reprogramming, and integrating my heart and mind.


This process led to the creation of the SSHI (Sacred Sol Healing Institute™) Mindful Resilience Resources, which has allowed me to lead a healthy, cohesive, balanced life with lasting results. 

This journey was such a frustrating, difficult, painful, profound, and powerful experience. I knew these tools needed to be accessible to all. I have dedicated my life and practice to education and studies in this pursuit. I am here to share the ultimate goal and ways to achieve that!

Ultimate goal: To love yourself fully and completely. This doesn’t mean we become perfect; it means we are able to face our challenges in grace and love. We learn from where we’ve been and choose to move forward in a different way. We release ego, judgment, guilt, shame, and fear; this is not who we are, just where we’ve been. We are not our trauma; we are not our pain; we are not our actions.


Our actions and behaviors can shift and change as we learn. We move forward in discernment, knowing right from wrong. As we shift our perception, our perspective will change. When we are able to view ourselves in a positive light, the rest of the world around us shifts to mirror that positive vibration. You are the miracle you’ve been looking for. It starts with you. Reprogram to a Positive Self-Belief System.


You are not alone. Everything you need is already inside of you. “Heal Ourselves, Heal the World™​