Spirit of the Wind

Public Sweat Lodge

​You are invited to join Jack Thom, Sr., Walking Eagle, Hün-Na-îtch, a full-blooded Karuk Native American spiritual leader from Northern California.


He guides people in sacred Sweat Lodge Purification Ceremonies, a traditional way of cleansing body, mind, and spirit. By sweating and praying, we cleanse our bodies of toxins, our minds of negativity, and heighten our spirits. We come into a balanced relationship with our Earth, our Self, and the community of life that is all around us.


Lodges are generally every other Saturday. Follow on Facebook to see events and dates or check website

Jose's Trading Post

Southwestern Blankets, Veterans Hats, Mexican Ponchos, Decals and Native American T-shirts


1771 Washburn Way in the Tower Shopping Center 541-892-5232

 Jose has purchased Healing classes through Sacred Sol Healing for community healing!

Jose is such a gift to our community! Thank you!

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