About Us

Meet the Sisters Renee and Anna

We are the sisters Renee Spiritflyer Frye and Anna Flyingbird Keppen.

We have flown together before, we fly again together now, forever and always

You know that moment you meet someone and everything stands still, they are so familiar because you have traveled with them in some other place and some other time. They are a part of you that you recognize immediately, instantly you know you are family, kindred spirits 

That is how we found each other and who we are.

We have been called upon to Gather the Tribe. 

Anna offers Peruvian and Andean Plant Medicine Retreats, Sound Healing’s and is currently recording her 1st Music Album! 


Together we work at Spirit of the Wind Community Public Sweat Lodge and we offer a Community Gratitude Gathering Annually! 



Gathering theTribe

We Heal, We Live, We Love, We Laugh!
Gathering like-minded souls through this journey!
Through this quest we learn to love ourselves and others.
Cultivating mindful, healthy, happy, full lives
You can achieve wholeness.
You can love yourself deeply, without ego, without shame.
You are not alone, you have never been. You are more than enough!

My sister and I are both healers we are blessed and honored to offer amazing, profound life-changing work.

We have struggled deeply with our own worth and value and how to love ourselves. we started this journey to Heal ourselves, as we Heal Ourselves, we Heal the World.

We now offer the tools and skills we have acquired along the way.

Although we work in different spaces most of the time, there are exceptional moments when we are able to perform and Heal in the same space together!

Through our exceptional momentum and rapid growth our careers don’t allow for us to visit individually at this time!

Each one of you is special and loved and held in a sacred space, come join us at our events and gatherings we would love to connect through those spaces!


We look forward to seeing each of you! Below is a Gathering the Tribe calendar that shows the events we work together,

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