Sacred Sol Healing Institute, Renee Frye

Heal and Restore 


Trauma-Informed Heal and Restore

Build resilience and hope, balance the central nervous system and restore peace. Through our somatic therapy support sessions and mindful behavior modification approach, recognize challenges, options, and tools for desired shifts in your life.

Our experiences leave imprints and blockages that affect our daily lives. Reduce Trauma, Toxic Stress, ACEs, Depression, Low Energy, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Substance Addiction Challenges, and more.


Trauma-Informed Heal and Restore allows us to reprogram harmful behavior patterns, release negativity, blockages, and stress from the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.


Our services and resources focus on treating holistically (the whole person), guiding you to become your own best resource. Step into a new way of life, balance, and healing support that provides hope and restoration.


You are not alone.

Sacred Sol Healing Institute, Renee Frye

In these sessions you will: