Holistic Healing Services


I work by appointment only. I offer a variety of services below! The most popular are

Holistic Healing Treatments & MHIR™ Behavior Safety Training's 


Holistic Healing Treatments
Combat Compassion Fatigue, Stress and Burnout. Discover physical, mental and emotional, balance and relief. Our experiences leave imprints and blockages in our energy field, these blockages and imprints affect our daily lives. Energy Health Therapy removes blockages, reprograms behavior patterns and balances mind, body and spirit. Treatments provide optimal health restoration and produce lasting results so you can live in harmony & balance.


MHIR™ Behavior Safety Training's 

I am founder and educator of the MHIR™ Behavior 

Response System.

Reprogram Learned Behavior Patterns.

Live in harmony and freedom.
“MHIR™ is Mindful Heart Intelligence Reprogramming. MHIR™ Mindful Behavior Safety Training's teach breath and body awareness and recognition of heart-rate variance. Utilizing MHIR™ Action Tools, will provide the ability to make cognitive decisions in stressful situations. This training will build resilience and the capacity to recover from stress and will reduce pain, anxiety, depression and more.

SSHI Services

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