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BeaR™ Theory


90 minutes


BeaR™ Theory. Mindful Behavior Modification.

BeaR™ (Build empowerment, achieve Resilience). Our BeaR™ theory is a mindful behavior modification approach that shifts negative thought processes and behaviors. Discover how to reprogram to positive, healthy thoughts and behavior patterns as you learn how to identify triggers and negative learned behavior. People who are successful at making life changes release limiting beliefs, fears, and low self-esteem. They add positive beliefs, skills, and tools that allow abundance. Reclaim your life, find freedom and joy, reprogram to a positive self-belief system.

Our practices are based on mindfulness. Reshape behavior in your lives to reflect positive interactions with yourselves and the world around you. We all need healthy life support skills. Our sessions teach Trauma-Informed mindful behavior modification tools, conflict resolution, and breath-body awareness. Utilizing our resources develops the ability to make cognitive decisions in stressful situations, as well as builds resilience, and strengthens the capacity to recover from stress. Reducing stress, pain, anxiety, and depression generates resiliency, reduces ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), and a lower rate of toxic stress. Step into a healthier, happier life. You are not alone.

See our BeaR™ Collection at for additional resources.